• Playstore For App Only

  • 版本:2.3.2017.4.0
  • 更新:2020-05-27
  • 推荐指数:50

Playstore For App Only2.3.2017.4.0介绍

NOTE : \" Play store with Apps only \" is a shortcut that launches the Play Store's Top Apps filtered to show only apps forr you . it just help you to go to apps top fast !You can browse all the apps that are available for Android in Android App Store very quick.lots of Android users say they hard to use Play Store because difficult to find the most useful non-game apps . it giving you direct access to the Top Charts for apps, without all the games. . Play store with Apps only save for you 4 seconds to load appstorevn top only , that's amazing , right ?
FEATURES:- Apps is a shortcut that launches the Play Store's Top Charts filtered - Quick to load Apps top listing- Small ( just 2MB )Link to the page Play Store VN on web browser: https:\/\/play.google.com\/store\/apps\/category\/APPLICATION

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